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  • No more gas at Irving Gas

    One of Musquodoboit Harbour’s most well-known markers, the Irving Gas Station sign, is gone, along with the station’s gas pumps, although the repair shop will stay open for business.

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    Tough Choices on Gravel Road

    By Richard Bell  Gravel roads are slowly disappearing across rural Halifax, as HRM and the province pave their way outward from the city core. In December, District 2 Councillor David Hendsbee held an informational meeting on a proposal to pave 14 gravel roads (see list below).  

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    Halifax Solidarity Rally Planned for Womens' March on Washington

    By Richard Bell  On January 21, women from across Nova Scotia will be rallying in front of Halifax City Hall as part of a world-wide day of support for the Women’s March in Washington. These events come one day after the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.  

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    The 25-acre Lot Fight: Council's "Band-Aid" Solution

    By Richard Bell  Faced with disputes over the potential development of more than 1,000 properties within HRM larger than 25 acres (10 hectares), HRM Council produced a severely restricted solution at its January 10, 2017 meeting that will only apply to 83 of the disputed lots, granting the owners of those lots the right to apply for house building permits.  

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  • Myatt Finishes 6th in U.S. National Bike Race

    By Richard Bell  Musquodoboit Harbour cycling whiz Mackenzie Myatt, now in her 1st year on the bicycle racing team at Savannah College of College of Art and Design (the Atlanta campus), finished 6th on January 4 in Hartford, Connecticut at the 2017 USA Cycling Collegiate Cyclo-Cross Nationals. 

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    Arthritis and Exercise

    By Lori Youden  Pain is one of the more prominent symptoms of arthritis, but need not prevent people from being physically active. There are many benefits to regular activity and exercise, including improving muscle strength and endurance, reducing pain, improving joint mobility and improving the health of joints and the strength of bones.  Regular activity and exercise also help to improve sleep, balance, self-confidence, and the ability to manage stress.   A physiotherapist can design, modify and monitor your exercise routine to address your specific needs.  

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    Myatt Wins Bronze in U.S. Mountain Bike Championship

    By Richard Bell  Whoever’s running the athletic department at the Savannah College of College of Art and Design (the Atlantic campus) should be giving the school’s recruiters a nice pat on the back this morning for persuading Musquodoboit Harbour’s Mackenzie Myatt to enroll and join the school’s first cycling team. 

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    Rocking the Eastern Shore

    Winding down Bayers Mill Road in my friend’s van, I voiced the question: “Do you think many people in this area know that some of Nova Scotia’s best rock climbing is in their own backyards?”

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  • Funds Available for High Speed Rural Internet

    If you’re not happy with the speed of your Internet service, here’s a chance to get some provincial funds to improve your service. From now through December 31, 2016, municipalities and community groups can apply for funding for small-scale projects to bring higher-speed Internet service to rural areas of Nova Scotia. 

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    Know An Outstanding Community Volunteer?

    If you know someone you think is an outstanding volunteer in his or her community, here’s your chance to see the province recognize them. From now until February 24, 2017, you can send in your nominations for the following categories: 

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    Lot Grading Permit Report Moving Slowly

    By Richard Bell  HRM’s sudden decision to choke off development permits for 25-acre lots was not the only surprise blow against rural development this year. Regional Council also overrode the recommendation of its staff and decided to require lot-grading permits for all new buildings in the municipality. Staff had recommended these expensive permits—(up to $6,000 and weeks of additional waiting time)—only for areas serviced by municipal sewers. 

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    Never Give a Sucker an Even Break: Avoid Binary Option Scams

    By Staff  If you spend any time at all on the Internet, you have seen the ads: a friendly looking woman, photographed against a wealthy-looking background, explains how she wants to show you how to make $100,000 in the next 3 weeks. Then the ad cuts to another person, who waives a check for $54,600 and tells you he made that much money yesterday. 

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  • Paint Nite Benefit for Mental Health

    By Richard Bell  What would you do if someone handed you $150 and told you to take it and go out and do something good for your community?  “I got a call to stop by the bank,” said Taylor Keizer of Musquodoboit Harbour. “I walk in, and they tell me RBC is celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday by giving young people $150 to improve their communities.”  

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    Volunteer Firefighters Walk for Blood Cancer Cure

    By Dave Ingram  Why did you become a volunteer firefighter? That’s a question we ask quite often around the fire hall, and there are a variety of answers, depending on who you’re talking with at the time. But the theme that runs through most of the conversations around this topic is volunteers like devoting time to their community and helping their neighbours in a time of need. 

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    Mary Doane: Follow Your Bliss

    By Deidre Dwyer  I’m sitting at my desk looking at the work of artist and teacher Mary Doane, who specializes in realistic, still life watercolours. She has given me cards of her work. I look at “Apple Blossoms III,” at the delicate white petals, some with a pink blush.  

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    Bus Buddies

    By Shelley Fashan  Few know of, or think about, a certain community of folks - a not so secret society possessing an energy and flow all its own. These folk, the HRM Metro Transit riders, get to know one another as they travel. In my region, this encompasses travellers from the Eastern Shore, Lake Echo, Porter’s Lake, Lake Charlotte, Musquodoboit, and West Jeddore.

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  • Asbestos Concerns at Eastern Shore District High

    To the Editors:In advocating for a new school to replace Gaetz Brook and Eastern Shore District High, the Community Campus Vision Association has recently obtained a coy of a hazardous materials assessment done on the former Gordon Bell High School in Cole Harbour, in 2010 – 2011.  

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    Let’s Replace ESDH Now

    By Jean McKenna [Editor’s note: The following article is a shortened version of a longer report that the Community Campus Vision Association has put together. Jean McKenna is one of the founders of CCVA. The complete report is on the Cooperator’s website at CCVA Report December 2016. ] The Community Campus Vision Association has been advocating for a new school that would combine and replace Eastern Shore District High and Gaetz Brook Junior High. Our advocacy had included the concept of a shared facility concept, a “community campus,” to include a recreation complex and a senior's residential care structure. However, it has become increasingly clear that it is futile to “fight on three hills,” and it has also become clear that these two schools desperately need replacement. Our current focus is therefore entirely on school replacement.

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    On Martinique Beach

    By Wyn Jones On any given day in the year, Martinique Beach is magical. The combination of salted air and a foam-laden scent makes it a very special place. I happened to be walking along the strand one afternoon late last August, my dog Amber pounding in and out of the shallows as a warm and glowing sun set the ripples in the receding tide to a diamond sparkle.  As it was mid week, we had the whole length of the beach to ourselves, or so I thought. But there suddenly just ahead of us, wading slowly, the water lapping around his knees, was a small rotund figure.

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    Feds Trump Opponents of Lawrencetown Beach Cell Tower

    By R Doyle Safire  In Star Trek, Spock said, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” However when business transactions are struck in Canada, they are often done to benefit one individual or corporation, or in some instances both.

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  • Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    Sheet Harbour Public Library in Sheet Harbour, NS, Canada

    African Heritage Month: NFB Film Club "Ninth Floor"

    African Heritage Month film screening! It started quietly when a group of Caribbean students, strangers in a cold new land, began to suspect their professor of racism. It ended in the most explosive student uprising Canada had ever known. Over four decades later, Ninth Floor reopens the file on the infamous Sir George Williams Riot - a watershed moment in Canadian race relations and one of the most contested episodes in the nation's history. (2015, 1h 21 min) TD Presents African Heritage Month with Halifax Public Libraries
    Friday, February 24, 2017 at 10:00 AM
    Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS, Canada

    African Heritage Month: African-American Read-In

    All ages!The African-American Read-In is a worldwide event established in 1990 as part of African Heritage Month. It's a time when we get together to celebrate African-Canadian and African-American authors with books, stories, songs, and rhymes for preschoolers and their caregivers. TD Presents African Heritage Month with Halifax Public Libraries
  • Latest News on McNeil student lock-out

    MONDAY 4:59 PM: BREAKING NEWS: MCNEIL REVERSES COURSE: SCHOOLS TO OPEN ON TUESDAY MORNING![Note: The following material was posted before McNeil's Monday afternoon decision to re-open schools on Tuesday morning.] Liberal Premier Stephen McNeil's stunning decision to lock out all of Nova Scotia's students has left parents scrambling for options and provoke a storm of outrage. Students at Eastern Shore District High and other schools walked out on Friday to support the teachers. The Nova Scotia House of Assembly has been called back into session on Monday at 10 AM to ram through a bill forcing the teachers to go back to work under the terms of a contract that the union rejected earlier this fall. Schools may be closed for as much as a week.  Keep coming back to this article on the Cooperator website for links to the latest news on the growing number of protests, on the government's effort to  legislate a contract and force teachers back to work, and on efforts along the Eastern Shore to care for all of the locked-out students. And check out the Eastern Shore Cooperator's Facebook page for additional news. You can also leave your comments on the Facebook page, and share information about where to find daycare, etc. 

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    CCVA Report on ESDH December 2016

    [Editor’s Note: This report comes from the Community Campus Vision Association. An article in the December 2016 issue of the Cooperator, "Let's Replace ESDH Now,"  included an excerpt from this CCVA report. All emphases are in the original report.] As most readers know, the Community Campus Vision Association has been advocating for a new High School to replace Eastern Shore District High, and Gaetz Brook Junior High. Our advocacy had included the concept of a shared facility concept, a “community campus”, to include a recreation complex and a senior's residential care structure. However, it has become increasingly clear that it is futile to “fight on three hills and it has also become clear that these two schools desperately need replacement. Our current focus is therefore entirely on school replacement.

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    Kiann Managements Starts Cleaning Up C&D Site

    By Richard Bell Kiann Management has begun work to comply with a litter order from the provincial Department of the Environment (DOE) to remove certain materials from its controversial site on Highway 7 in Porters Lake by a January deadline. 

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    District 2 Council candidate answers (print version)

    We sent the questions below to the four candidates for the HRM District 2 City Council seats. We asked them to keep their replies to 200 characters for the print edition of the paper, and unlimited space on our website  For the print edition, we edited answers beyond this 200 character limit to fit. If you want to read the candidates' complete answers, then go to this document, where you will find their unedited answers. 

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