A Million Reasons to Get on Two Wheels

By Lauren Latour  

I don’t know about you, but once spring and summer are in full swing, I start to resent my car. The chance to ride my bike, to feel the wind and sunshine on my face, and my muscles working to propel me forward, is in so many ways far superior to sitting behind the wheel- even if a car might get me from point A to point B a little bit faster. 

Cycling for many, however, can be a little intimidating, a little bit of a hassle, or a little too much work. At The Deanery Project, we’re always looking to find ways of helping people get back on their bikes. The benefits to riding your bicycle are countless, but our favourites are two biggies: your health, and the health of the planet.  

Active Transportation (for example, riding your bike to work, school, or the supermarket) is one of the best things you can do to uphold and respect the integrity of your personal health, and the health of our ecosystems. Every time you opt to ride your bike instead of driving you car, you’re preventing a considerable amount of pollution being released, and doing your body a heck of a lot of good- think, cardiovascular exercise, stretching out our often ignored muscles, and exposure to some good, old fashioned fresh air (the kind we’re always telling our kids they need more of!)  

Many studies show that children are far more likely to ride their bikes if their parents do. Which is why getting out on your bike, whether for a solo jaunt, or family ride is so important. Kids respond incredibly well to being led by example, and leading a bike ride to school, or the park is no exception!  

With the Eastern Shore’s long, winding roads, and world-class scenery, we live in prime cycling territory. With the municipality planning an expansion of roadway shoulders for safety, and an established network of rails-to-trails along the Eastern Shore, we’re in an area uniquely well suited to cycling for leisure, or practical transport.  

Whether you’re an avid cyclist, a would-be rider, or perhaps even a little reluctant, now is a fantastic time to take to the road. With weekly Women on Wheels rides returning to the Eastern Shore, The Deanery Bicycle Carnival (June 10) coming up with activities for all ages, and Bike Week events being held across the HRM (June 2nd-11), there is no shortage of ways and reasons to grab your helmet and get moving.  

For information on The Bicycle Carnival or Women on Wheels rides, visit www.thedeaneryproject.com. For Bike Week events, check out www.halifax.ca/bikeweek.

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