Brooklyn Blackmore Heads for Nashville

By Jill Bellefontaine 

Brooklyn Blackmore, of Three Fathom Harbour  has had a strong passion for music since a very young age that has carried her all the way to winning awards in Nashville this spring and recording her first demo.  

When I was 3 years old I  used to watch  Natalie MacMaster play the fiddle on Breakfast Television,” Blackmore said, “and it made me want to learn how. Which is why for my 4th birthday, I got a fiddle as a  gift and my very first lesson the same day. I  took up piano at the age of eight and have been loving music ever since.” And she loves to sing.  

When asked about inspiration and who she looks up too, Blackmore said,  “I've always loved Natalie MacMaster, I adore the Zac Brown Band and Rascal Flatts, and recently I've  really been  digging The Beatles. All of their songs are more than just music. They are all stories and every time I listen to them, it feels like I'm learning how to be a better musician by paying attention to every detail they put into their craft.”  

In addition to her solo work, Blackmore is also part of a band called The Brooklyn Blackmore Band.“When we  get  the chance to get together, it can go anywhere from 2 hours at a time to 5 hours at a time,” Blackmore said. “It’s very easy to lose track of time when we are practicing because that's when all of our ideas come out—so we just let practice time be more of a free time. Individually, even if I can only squeeze in an hour a day to work on my craft I will. It's good to try to do something every day because  that helps us all move forward.” 

Blackmore and her band members all attend the  NSCC  Ivany  Campus to take music courses. There is a spot right on campus where the band can practice  when school starts back up to allow for longer practices, more often.   

In August of 2016, Blackmore  competed  in the Global Country Star Search for vocals, and won first place, earning her a trip to Nashville in March of 2017 to compete internationally in North American Country Music Associations International (NACMAI). “ From that  competition,  I came home with awards for 17-20 Female Vocalist of the Year and 17-20 Female Entertainer of the Year,” Blackmore said. “And while I was away, I also recorded my first demo, ‘Quit You,’ with 7-17 Music.” 

Blackmore will be returning to Nashville this October to continue working with 7-17 Music to further explore who she is as an artist and the music she wants to produce.  “My current goals for the future are to keep working on my songwriting. I'm hoping to have a lot more originals within the next couple months in hopes of recording my first EP. As for the band, we plan on gigging as much as we possibly  can to get ourselves out there.” 

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