Butcher Brothers Build Racing Careers

By Jill Bellefontaine 

Brothers ColeButcher(20),and Jarrett Butcher(18) of Porters Lake have been racing cars and winning for the last 12 years of their lives. Their involvement in the sport came about through their father, Darrin Butcher, who raced before the brothers were born. The boys’ father aided in bringing the first Bandolero cars (entry-level racing cars built like miniature stock cars) to Nova Scotia in 2006.

The brothers now race in the Maritime Pro Stock Tour, which is the highest possible level of competition within the Maritimes.“Our race days are usually 12+ hours, with travel to and from the track, practice, and then the races,” Cole told the Cooperator. Time throughout the week all depends on the repairs needed, aswell as what race is coming up. 

Over time,the brothers have accumulated quite a bit ofvictory hardware, but there’s a few that sit atop their listsof favorites. “For me, I’d pick winning a championship in both Bandolero and Legends, as wellas running for Rookie of the Year in the Maritime Pro Stock Tour,” Jarrett said. Cole had his own list:  I’ve won championships in all three divisions I’ve raced in, including Bandolero, Legends, and most recently, Pro Stock. Another is winningthe Atlantic Cat 250 two years in a row.” 

Within the Maritime Pro Stock Tour,the brothersraceat multiple locations across Atlantic Canada throughout their seasonHalifax and Antigonish (NS),Petitcodiac and Fredericton (NB), andOyster Bed (PEI).Outside the Maritimes, Cole and Jarrett haveboth raced in Maine and Florida. Cole has also raced inLas Vegas and North Carolina. 

In addition to thethree races that are left in the Maritime Pro Stock Tour that the brothers will participate in,Cole has a few extra plans. “I am planning on racing inHickory, North Carolina in November, and Pensacola, Florida during the Snowball Derby weekend in December. I was also selected as a finalist for theKulwickiDriver Development Program (KDDP). I  hope to continue to promote the sport, like AlanKulwickiand all he did for it during his short career, throughout the remainder of the season.” 

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