Call for Local 100th Halifax Explosion Anniversary Event

By Jim Reid 

We are looking for people who would like to take part inan event on Saturday, Dec 2nd 2017, at The Old School in Musquodoboit Harbour to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.  

The direct effects of Nova Scotia’s most well known historical event, the Halifax Explosion of Dec 6th, 1917, are well documented.  The major portion of suffering was experienced in all its horror in the Halifax/Dartmouth area.  None the less, unseen ripples from the effects of this disaster did impact The Eastern Shore on that day, and for years to come.    

Our goal in putting together this event (“The Halifax Explosion of Dec 6th, 1917, The Ripple Effect on the Peoples and Communities Of The Eastern Shore”) is to use the arts to explore these unseen ripples 

We are looking for stories, poetry (oral and written), video of interviews with people who remember the stories of their grandparents or great grand parents, artefacts in the form of archival photos or objects from that time, music (live, DVD, CD) from the time period, commemorative dances, art and sculpture, folk music, and instrumental music. And we want to remember that the Halifax Explosion occurred in the context of Canada’s participation in World War I.    

We would like to invite all ethnic communities to participate (Acadians, Loyalists, African Nova Scotians, First Nations, Scots, Irish etc.)   We are also looking for an intergenerational approach through presentations from Junior High and High School students with stories handed down in their families.  We are also looking for performance art from students, dance or music, in groups or individuals.   

The official commemoration of the Halifax Explosion will take place in Halifax on December 6. We welcome groups planning to perform on December 6 to run a dress rehearsal on December 2 at the Old School.  

If you are interested in participating or helping out with this event I can be reached by phone at 902 829-2850, or through my emailjimreidsing@gmail.com 

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