Cooperator Guide to the Frontage By-law Fight

The Save Rural HRM protest at Halifax City Hall on September 20 was a rollicking affair that ended with promises from Mayor Savage to deal with the major issues that had spurred the protests. For a complete report, check out the full story on the protest and the Mayor's remarks. But the Mayor and Council now have to push through a number of legislative checkpoints, starting with the October 4th Council meeting, at which the Mayor promised some kind of temporary relief for landowners and builders who had been bushwhacked by HRM's surprise enforcement of a by-law outlawing development on lots without at least 100 feet of frontage on a public road. 

We have included key news stories and official documents if you want to know more about the background of the 100-foot frontage by-law controversy. We will also include documents on other related land-use issues here, including the imposition of lot-grading permits for rural construction and the "ditch tax." 

If you have documents you would like to have included, please send them to: escsubmissions@eastlink.ca.

Here are quick links to the stories on the Cooperator website so far:


"Save Rural HRM Wins Unexpected Victory," September 20, 2016

 Opposition to Frontage Bylaw Growing Rapidly,” Eastern Shore Cooperator, September 2016. 


Presentations to Council on September 6, 2016

Regional Council heard 2 5-minute presentations from opponents on September 6, 2016, plus one written statement.

Council Hears Chamber Opposition to By-law

“Council Hears Landowner Suffering from By-law"

"Save Rural HRM Asks Council for By-law Change"


Other Documents

 "Text of the 100-ft Frontage By-law"

"No Notice for Surveyors on By-law Change"



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