Couple Starting New Alaska Salmon Business

By Richard Bell 

A Musquodoboit Harbour born-and-bred couple is about to give Nova Scotians access to wild-caught salmon from Alaska’s famous Bristol Bay salmon fishery. 

Peter Nash lives on East Petpeswick Road in Musquodoboit Harbour in the house he was born in, with his wife Lisa, who grew up next door. About 10 years ago, Peter started fishing with his brother-in-law in Alaska, and ended up getting a license and his own 32-foot boat, the Arctic Knight.  (In Nova Scotia, he fishes out of Eastern Passage.)  

He’s still making the trip every year for the mid-summer salmon season. But last year, Lisa went with him for the first time. After eating fresh-caught salmon on the boat, she had a revelation. “I didn’t even like salmon until after I ate it on the boat. I said to Peter, yeah dude, we have to totally start bringing this fish home!”  

The Nashs have just received a license to import flash-frozen Alaska salmon from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and have set up a Facebook page (BucksWild Seafoods) 

“We’re going to be mailing orders out at first,” Lisa says. “We want to sell at local markets, and we’re talking with stores like Uprooted that carry natural market goods. And later on, we’d like to get into restaurants, or even have our own location.”  

The Nashs will be selling primarily sockeye salmon at first. Lisa said that lots of people have mentioned how much they miss Willy Krauch’s smoked salmon, and that they’re hoping to get into smoked salmon eventually.  

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