Eastern Shore 22nd Annual Invitational Minor Hockey Tournament

By Gina Dunn

March 27 to April 9 is a busy time this year in Musquodoboit Harbour. It is the Eastern Shore 22nd Annual Invitational Recreational Minor Hockey Tournament. With four age divisions, 32 teams and more than 500 youth hockey players participating in this tournament over the two weeks, it is one of the largest and well established tournaments in Nova Scotia. 

Teams travel from all over Nova Scotia to participate in this highly sought out experience. Once teams attend this tournament, they want to return every year! From fog, laser lights and a guarantee of five games – it is truly a great way to end a hockey season. 

Tournament Chairperson, Ann Bennet credits the parents and other volunteers for keeping the tournament as great as it is. Ann says “the parents, players and community volunteers are the ones who run the tournament during these two weeks and without them there wouldn’t be a tournament. From the hospitality suite to the kiosk and yearlong tournament committee, it’s a real community builder.”

Besides being a community builder, it also is a large economic boost for the area. The tournament brings in between $20,000 and $25,000 for the Eastern Shore Arena (through ice time and canteen sales, etc) and with more than 6,000 extra people traveling to Musquodobit Harbour over the two weeks – local businesses are helped by the increased traffic to the area. If we had a motel/hotel, it would be filled! 

Drop by the Eastern Shore Arena sometime this week. The best time to come by would be Sunday April 9 when the final games are being played and the show is in full force – awesome!

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