Florence Conrod to Celebrate 100th Birthday

By Edyth Shuman 

Florence Conrod has many stories to tell, and we are blessed that she is willing and able to share them.

 Even at 100 years of age, Florence is an active member of the Harbour Lites Senior’s Club. She rarely misses a dinner or variety show, and is ready to sing along as our local musicians entertain Club members. 

She was born in Cole Harbour, and at an early age moved to West Petpeswick. She, her mother, and brother Fred Turner lived on her maternal grandparent’s homestead, now the home of Gary and Glenda Thompson.  

Florence married Stanley Conrod. She and Stan had two children, Iris and Foster. Stanley supported their small family as owner of a trucking company. Florence still lives in their home on the Meagher’s Grant Road. She worked as a switchboard operator at Laura Day’s Telephone office on Riverside Drive. And she worked a short time at Weary’s Store, now known as the Uprooted Market and Café.  

Before his death, Stanley and Florence always enjoyed having friends in “to play a game of cards.” She still enjoys a game of Auction with family and friends.  

On November 20, 2017, Florence will turn 10 years old. To celebrate this wonderful occasion, her daughter Iris is holding a Birthday Party at Harbour Lites Senior’s Club, 167 Meagher’s Grant Road, Sunday, November 19th from 2-4 pm. Come by and wish Florence a happy 100th birthday!  

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