From Kitchens to Communities

By Lauren Latour 

The work that happens in kitchens like the one at The Deanery Project builds the bedrock of positive change making around the world. Food, the people it brings together, and the energy it provides is at the heart of organizations that are successful in bringing about the changes so many of us work toward.  

Whether it’s a fruit tray at a mid-morning office check-in, a late night work party over pizza, or homemade ginger bread during a strategy session, when groups of people come together to work together, food is inevitably involved.  At The Deanery especially, this rings true; by nourishing our bodies, and the bodies of those who put so much of their time and effort into The Project, we are in turn working to nourish our goals and missions for the long haul.  

A propane gas range to replace the old electric stoves at The Deanery has been a long time coming. When the opportunity arose to purchase a new (to us!) range at a restaurant auction, we jumped on it! Thanks to the efforts of many folks in our community, we are excited to finally announce that our kitchen is now outfitted with an industrial, restaurant-quality range.  

A very special, and very considerable “thank you” goes out to all who helped make this new acquisition happen. Thanks especially goes to: 

  •  HRM's Capitol Grants Program, who provided us with financial support;  

  • Irving Energy for installation of the gas lines; 

  •  Caryl Michaelson, who researched options and stood up at auction to claim the range;  

  • Home Hardware in Jeddore, for donating time and equipment to help us unload the (very large!) appliance from generous Jeff Aitkenhead's worthy truck;  

  • Chris Griffiths for stripping down parts so it could fit through our doors;  

  • and finally, to Ralph and his team from Bayers Auto Excavating who did the hard work of moving it all into place- and replacing the door behind them!  

Deanery staff followed up behind all this action with steel wool and elbow grease to welcome this much-needed piece of equipment into the kitchen. 

The Deanery Project as a cooperative is truly by and for our communities. Without the help of so many individuals and groups coming together to make this and other initiatives happen, the Deanery wouldn’t be the place it is today. Thank you to all those who continue to support the work of The Deanery: we are so grateful for your engagement, your energy, and your generous contributions.  

Note: Lauren Latour runs communications for the Deanery Project. 

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