Hells Angels Abandon Club House After RCMP Raid

By Richard Bell

Barely a year after a launch party drew 150 bikers to the Hells Angles clubhouse in Musquodoboit Harbour, the Hells Angels have abandoned their clubhouse in following an RCMP raid than began in the early afternoon of November 1.  All that remained on November 16 were some empty rooms and a dumpster in the parking lot filled with the debris from the raid.

The RCMP announced that the raid was the result of a nine-month investigation into drug trafficking by a member of the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia. The RCMP said the raid on the Musquodoboit Harbour clubhouse turned up  “a small quantity of hash and marihuana, a number of unidentified pills, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang paraphernalia, multiple cellphones, electronics and cash.” In addition, the RCMP also arrested two people: Paul Francis Monahan of Halifax was arrested in Jeddore. And Mark David Heickert of Orillia, Ontario was arrested at a house in Orilla.

Monahan has been charged with:

· Trafficking of a Controlled Substance (marihuana) x 15

· Possession of Proceeds of Crime

· Conspiracy to Traffic in a Controlled Substance (cocaine) x 4

· Conspiracy to Possess Proceeds of Crime

· Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (methamphetamine)

Heickert has been charged with:

· Conspiracy to Traffic in a Controlled Substance (cocaine) x 4

· Conspiracy to Possess Proceeds of Crime

The Hells Angels started to move into Nova Scotia back in 1984. In 2001, the RCMP smashed the Halifax-based organization. But in recent years, the group has been making its way back into the province. Just this past July, the RCMP warned about the growing dangers of the increased Hells Angels presence in Nova Scotia.

Since that warning, there have been a series of raids and arrests across the province. In July, a combined police operation searched a motorcycle club connected to the Hells Angels in New Glasgow. Then in August, the RCMP arrested three people in Cole Harbour, including David James Bishop, who was connected to the Musquodoboit Harbour club. The three are facing charges involving the possession of illegal drugs and firearms.

The RCMP’s pressure on the Hells Angels continued in October with the arrest of four gang members following an incident in Middle Musquodoboit. The gang members were from Upper Musquodoboit, Eastern Passage, Dartmouth and Cow Bay, and were charged with uttering threats and criminal harassment.

In a statement following the raid on the Musquodoboit Harbour club, Supt. Alfredo Bangloy, Nova Scotia RCMP Federal Policing Officer, said, “We want Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs to know that they have been a priority for law enforcement in Nova Scotia, and they will continue to be. They are not welcome in our communities."

Monahan appeared in Dartmouth provincial court on November 15 and was released after posting bail of $7,000. Under the terms of his release, Monahan has to stay in Nova Scotia, avoid firearms, check in weekly with police, and stay away from Mark David Heickert, Hells Angels, or related groups. Heickert has yet to have a bail hearing at this writing. 

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