High Hopes for Boy’s B-Ball At ESDH

By Marcus Brady 

Expectations are high for this year’s Eastern Shore District High boys’ basketball team. Coach Bruce Spicer has the team convinced that they can challenge for the league title, telling the team that they should run the table and take the banner. 

The team shares Spicer’s optimism. I spoke with several players about their expectations for the team. Superstar player and team captain, Maliki, credits the coach with building a competitive team. “That’s all thanks to Coach,” Norrie said. “He’s the one who’s been coaching us and teaching us what we need as a team to grow.” Third-year core player Mitchell Ferris knows what he wants: “Win everything…The League.”  

Spicer is working with a core group of players who’ve held on through the three years. And the team is gaining talent from this year’s rookies. The first year under Spicer, the team exceeded expectations, with 5 wins and 7 loses. Last year’s shortened season saw the team with 2 wins and 1 loss, trending upwards due to better work by the veterans and second year players, along with a few star rookies.  

Spicer has new players on his team every year, and as one of those players, I can safely say that he teaches the game very well and teaches to win. When I started playing in grade 10, I had never played basketball before. After two years, now on my third, I am still learning and know that I personally have changed a lot due to Coach Spicer’s teachings 

This year, the team will be playing in many tournaments, along with their regular season games.  The team played exhibition games on Friday, November 17th against Musquodoboit Rural and Cole Harbour High. The Schooners won both games by margins of over 30 points. Coach Spicer has the boys working very hard, having them up early Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for 7:15 am practices to work on improving their game. The players are looking forward to a great season, so come on out and support the team this season. (For a schedule of the boys’ team and girls’ basketball teams, please visit https://esd.hrsb.ca/calendar) 

***Marcus Brady is a senior at Eastern Shore District High School, and a member of the boy’s basketball team.  

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