Musgo Rider: Forward Together

By Jessie Greenough 

MusGo Rider is a not-for-profit community cooperative, which provides door-to-door, pre-booked transportation in HRM. Its service area extends from East Preston and Lawrencetown in the west to Ship Harbour in the east. MusGo Rider’s goal is to provide a safe, affordable and dependable transportation solution to improve the quality of life for residents while contributing to a green community. 

MusGo Rider has been in business for over five years, which means it’s time to look to the future. As part of its commitment to the Province of Nova Scotia Municipal Affairs, it must create a new business plan. MusGo Rider has grown a lot over its first five years: from one vehicle to four vehicles, from one driver to five, an Executive Director has been hired, the Board of Directors continues to grow and it has a permanent office space in Porters Lake on Stella Drive.  

While it’s clear that MusGo Rider has grown, now is the time to imagine where it can go next. It is no secret that the geographic area in which MusGo Rider operates has many seniors and that number will continue to grow. According to Statistics Canada, by 2030, the year in which the youngest baby boomers will reach age 65, close to 25% of people in Canada will be aged 65 years or over.  

In addition to seniors, there are other challenges and opportunities for transportation in the Eastern Shore. MusGo Rider wants to find out what is important to the residents and how it can meet the needs of the community. If you would like to share your opinion on what is needed, please visit the website at: www.musgorider.com or the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ruraltransportation/ 

A link to an online survey will be posted. Alternately, email: musgoridersurvey@gmail.com and a survey will be emailed to you. Please feel free to share your comments at this email address.  

As the first stage of the five-year planning process, MusGo Rider invited a small group of some its key stakeholders to a visioning session at the Old School Community Gathering Place. Many different viewpoints were represented, but all agreed that there is a continuing need for MusGo Rider’s services. In fact, seniors, persons with disabilities and low-income earners are seen as key users.  

As MusGo Rider moves forward it will continue to look for opportunities to partner with community groups, local businesses, government at all levels, church groups, student and parent associations and corporate sponsors.  

Please feel free to send any feedback to: musgoridersurvey@gmail.com 

Note: Jessie Greenough is the Executive Director of MusGo Rider.  

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