Overlooked Opportunities for Economic Development

By Gina Dunn 

There’s always government and community talks and meetings about local economic development – how can we create jobs in the area?  How can we boost tourism in the area?  How can we help small businesses and create new ones? 

We’re always looking for something new. But are we even aware of and leveraging what we already have?  Even with social media these days, there’s still a lack of communication Too many of us are still working in “silos” (everyone is doing their own thing, but not a lot of communication and connections between groups). 

One such opportunity is local sports.  Did you know that every March and early April, the rink in Musquodoboit Harbour is host to two annual hockey tournaments/jamborees?  And that these have been going on for years? The jamboree for 4, 5 and 6-year old’s is held March 10 and 11.  During those two days, over 2000 people travel to Musquodoboit Harbour!  Then later in the month, March 26 to April 8 is the 23rd Annual Recreational tournament. During these 2 weeks, over 5000 people come to Musquodoboit Harbour.  The RBC bank machine ran out of money last year because the bank didn’t expect that many people would be in the area.   

What other times of the year are so many families in the area?  Some local shops are open, but others are still closed for the winter and are missing out on this influx of customers.  With all these people coming to our community, we should be showing them what Musquodoboit Harbour and surrounding areas have to offer.  These families are from all over the province, and are used to travelling places for hockey These tournaments are wonderful opportunities to give an economic boost to the local area in March/April, and showcase our communities, so families will want to return during the warmer months.  

Gina Dunn is a board member of the Eastern Shore Minor Hockey   

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