Speed on Highway

By Gina Dunn 

People are always complaining about drivers going too slow on Highway 107.  

Did you know that from where Highway 107 starts in Musquodoboit Harbour to the East Preston turnoff it is approximately 24.7kms?  Many people complain that some drivers are driving too slow on the highway at only 90km/hour or even say 80km/hr.  What if you drive 110km/hr or 120km/hr?  How much time will you actually save driving from Musquodoboit Harbour to the East Preston turnoff?

80km/hr – 18 minutes and 31.5 seconds 

90km/hr – 16 minutes and 28 seconds 

100km/hr – 14 minutes and 49 seconds 

110kms/hr – 13 minutes and 28 seconds 

120km/hr – 12 minutes and 21 seconds 

As you can see, the difference between driving from Musquodoboit Harbour to East Preston turnoff at 80km/hr and 120km/hr is 6 minutes and 10.5 seconds.  Most drivers are not driving 80km/hr but rather between 90-100km/hr.  So speeding at 110-120 you will only save 3-4 minutes. 

What about from Porters Lake Exit 20 to East Preston turnoff?  It’s 13.3kms. 

80km/hr – 9 minutes and 58.5 seconds 

90km/hr – 8 minutes and 52 seconds 

100km/hr – 7 minutes and 58 seconds 

110kms/hr – 7 minutes and 15.5 seconds 

120km/hr – 6 minutes and 39 seconds 

The difference between driving from Porters Lake to East Preston turnoff at 80km/hr and 120km/hr is 3 minutes and 29.5 seconds.  Again, most drivers are driving 90-100kms/hr so going 110-120 you will save 1-2 minutes.   

Driving behind slower drivers can be annoying and Highway 107 could really use a few more passing lanes but in reality you truly are not actually saving any time by speeding and passing other drivers – it may feel like you are but sometimes perception is not reality.   

And as the saying goes for Highway 107 - “It doesn’t matter how fast you go on the 107, everyone meets up at the RED lights on Main Street!”. 

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