Sustainable Spring Activities in Ship Harbour

By Lauren Latour, The Deanery Project 

Springtime has finally arrived on the Eastern Shore, and with it comes new opportunities and responsibilities. We’re opening doors and windows after months of closing out the cold, and getting those hiking boots, gardening gloves, and pruning shears out of storage in preparation for the work and recreation ahead. 

Here at The Deanery Project, we’re excited about the coming season and the new life that it brings. Whether you’re planting new beds, tending to old trees, supporting the growth of wildflowers, or simply renewing and rejuvenating your gardens, now is the time to start planning and preparing.  

If you’ve got fruit trees on your property, horticulturalist Jim Turne recommends careful pruning as essential to ensuring healthy and vigorous growth this season. Proper pruning does wonders to stimulate growth, especially when executed in early spring, providing your trees with the fresh start they need to take advantage of the rain and coming warmth. 

All through April, we really dig into the dirt as we plant our own gardens, nurture nutrition in our edible forest, and focus on planting and fostering saplings in our tree nursery and woodlot. If instruction and ideas are what you’re looking for, our Permaculture workshops can provide inspiration and knowledge to help your garden bloom and grow in healthy, environmentally sustainable ways.  

 Spring is about more than just yard work—it’s also about getting outdoors with friends and family to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the Atlantic Coast. Trail hikes, picnics, and cycling are all great ways to experience the Eastern Shore. Whether you’re new to cycling or an old pro, the Women on Wheels workshop at the end of the month (Sat. April 29th 10:00-15:00) is a terrific way to connect with the cycling community, and learn new skills. 

This Easter season, get the kids out of the house and into nature! We’re having an Easter Family Picnic on Saturday, April 15 from 10am to noon, including a children’s egg hunt, picnic lunch, and Swiss-inspired egg decorating, using ferns and natural dyes so the final product is safe, edible, and environmentally friendly!   

And on Saturday, April 22 from 10 am to 5 pm, we’ll be holding Spring Permaculture Skill Share mini workshops covering germination and planting techniques to brush fence building, huegels, seed saving, and more!  

For more information & to register call 902-845-1888 or email shipharbour.thompson@gmail.com

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