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Falling Further Behind at Eastern Shore District High

 Letter to the Editor

 Falling Further Behind at Eastern Shore District High

The Superintendent of Schools for HRSB, Elwyn Leroux, has just announced that trucking of potable water to Eastern Shore District High will no longer be necessary, as newly drilled wells will shortly be connected to the school. This is certainly surprising, as engineering reports prepared for the Board clearly show that these wells cannot deliver a sufficient supply of water. 

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The Halifax Explosion and Civilian Casualties of War

By Jim Reid       

In working on an event commemorating the effects of the Halifax Explosion on the people of the Eastern Shore, I have been struck by how often people have talked about the Explosion as if it were some kind of peacetime event, with no connection to WWI

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Hungry For Life

By Jude Major 

I am hungry for life. Just because I am a “senior” does not mean that I am done. Just because I am a survivor of trauma does not mean that I am incapable. It is time to own some hard truths. 

It is a great relief to see that we have become so much more open and accepting, as a culture and as a society, to hurt people. It is, however, still painfully hard to own mental/emotional illness or injury, so I will put that out in plain view. What do I have to lose? I will lose secrecy, I will lose isolation, I will lose fear—especially fear of rejection, fear of myself, fear of falling. It is harder to fear falling into the black hole of anguish if we all speak freely about it. 

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Province Should Fight Litter


The province needs to do a better job combatting the persistent and growing problem of litter on our roadsides. 

I’m concerned about the negative impression all this litter gives visitors to our province, It may also have a negative impact on prospective property owners thinking about moving to our communities. 


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Anti-Dump Coalition Seeks Your Input on Next Steps

Editor’s Note: The Coalition for Safe and Healthy Communities for East Preston, Mineville, Lake Echo and Porters Lake led a (thus-far) successful fight to prevent the location of a hazardous waste transfer station on Highway 7 near the Porters Lake-Lake Echo border. They are now asking people for input and direction, starting with the simple question that too few organizations ever ask, whether people support the continuation of the organization at all.  

We were impressed by the effectiveness of this group’s steering committee in navigating the complexities they faced at the outset, and in coming up with a winning strategy. We urge readers of the Cooperator to support the continuation of the Coalition.

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CCVA Asks Provincial Officials for New School

Editor’s note: The Community Campus Vision Association has been lobbying for the province to replace the aging buildings of Eastern Shore District High and Gaetz Brook Junior High with a new school consolidating the two schools.  

The following letter from CCVA Chair Jean McKenna describes CCVA’s September meeting with provincial officials to share CCVA’s investigations of the conditions of the two schools, and to push for a replacement as soon as possible. 

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Grieving a Clearcut

To the Editor, Eastern Shore Co-operator:

Behind the trees that line my road, there's a large fifteen-year-old clearcut.  On the map, it just shows as a small coloured circle, a spot that is now designated “cut”.  But the reality is far different.

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Speed on Highway

By Gina Dunn 

People are always complaining about drivers going too slow on Highway 107.  

Did you know that from where Highway 107 starts in Musquodoboit Harbour to the East Preston turnoff it is approximately 24.7kms?  Many people complain that some drivers are driving too slow on the highway at only 90km/hour or even say 80km/hr.  What if you drive 110km/hr or 120km/hr?  How much time will you actually save driving from Musquodoboit Harbour to the East Preston turnoff?

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Clean Up HRM Elections With Public Funding

By Wyn Jones 

A local interest group has once again raised the subject of political donations at a recent HRM Council meeting. The group rightly questioned whether HRM Councillors should be accepting donations from local developers. 

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Asbestos Concerns at Eastern Shore District High

To the Editors:

In advocating for a new school to replace Gaetz Brook and Eastern Shore District High, the Community Campus Vision Association has recently obtained a coy of a hazardous materials assessment done on the former Gordon Bell High School in Cole Harbour, in 2010 – 2011.  

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