Text of the 100-ft Frontage By-law

The information below is a copy of a section of the Eastern Shore (West) Land Use By-law for the R-6 (rural residential) zone. The 100-foot frontage on local roads requirement has been on the books since 1996. HRM has admitted granting at least 9 building permits that violated this provision, and Save Rural HRM estimates that there are many more. HRM now says that all of these permits were issued in error. The Cooperator has asked city officials for an explanation of why HRM decided to start enforcing this by-law after ignoring it for 20 years. Thus far, HRM has not provided an explanation. 

Eastern Shore (West) Land Use By-law

7.2  R-6 ZONE REQUIREMENTS  (page 50)

In any R-6 Zone, where uses are permitted as Residential, Commercial, Resource, Traditional and Community Uses (excluding open space uses), no development permit shall be issued except in conformity with the following:

Minimum Lot Area---40,000 sq.ft (3716.1 sq.m)

Minimum Frontage---00 feet (30.5m) on local roads, 150 feet (45.7m) on collector roads [Cooperator emphasis]

Minimum Waterfrontage lot width---100 feet (30.5m)

Minimum Front or Flange Yard---30 feet (9.1m)

Minimum Rear or Side Yard---8 feet (2.4m)

Maximum Lot Coverage---35%

Maximum Height of Main Building---35 feet (10.7m)

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