Trivium: The Sin and the Sentence

By Marcus Brady

Back in 2008, it was my Dad who introduced me, a crazy eight-year-old metal-head, to my favorite heavy metal band, Trivium. My Dad was playing the video game Madden NFL ’09 when he heard the song “Into the Mouth of Hell We March.”

He loved the song so much that he Googled the band and found out what album it was on. He then went out and bought Shogun, Trivium’s fourth studio album, which featured “Into the Mouth of Hell We March.”

I fell in love with this album. We used to listen to it in the car together, and my favourite song became “Down from the Sky.” I have been hooked on Trivium ever since.

Trivium released their eighth studio album last October. The album features some personal favourite songs of mine, such as “The Sin and the Sentence,” “Endless Night,” “Beyond Oblivion,” and “The Heart from your Hate.” As a huge Trivium fan, I think The Sin and the Sentence is their best album yet. The album has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards so far. Every song on the album is one that any metal head can get into. The drums, bass, guitar, and vocals are all incredible.

One of the album’s best features is the heavy guitar riffs. Heavy metal bands are known for their heavy sound and rhythm that make listeners want to bang their heads. For example, the middle part of “Sever the Hand,” a fan favourite, inspires listeners to get lost in the music. Fans believe that this song is about being free from forced influences in society, mainly religion, not getting too caught up in outside influences, and doing what you want.

Another song with great riffs is “The Heart from your Hate,” an amazing song from start to finish. I believe the subject is Japanese-American troops in WWII fighting for the US while their families were in internment camps back in the U.S.

Over the years Trivium has had three core musicians: Matt Heafy (lead vocal, rhythm guitar), Corey Beaulieu (lead guitar), and Paolo Gregol (bass). They’ve had a more difficult time with dummers: the current drummer, Alex Bent, is Trivium’s fourth drummer. Based on the high quality of Trivium’s latest album, I’m looking forward to hearing even more great albums in the years to come.

[Check out Trivium's official video for "The Heart from your Hate" on Youtube.]

Marcus Brady is a senior at Eastern Shore District High. 

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