Walking Your Way to Fitness

By Pippa Wood 

Walking your way to a healthy lifestyle is beneficial in many ways. Walking is free, with the added bonus of being good for both body and soul. Remember to wear good walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen, and bring along a bottle of water (especially important on hot day)You may want to consider an orthotic assessment if a foot ailment is preventing you from enjoying a good walk. If the weather is too cold or rainy, why not walk a circuit or two around an indoor shopping mall. You may be surprised how quickly your steps add up while running errands and doing house and yard work. It all counts towards improving your health with an active lifestyle!

Walking and running while wearing a step monitor is a great way to raise your physical fitness activity awareness. You can start by walking a short distance and setting a goal 10,000 steps a day will assist you in living your healthy lifestyle and equals walking approximately 5 miles. You can measure your gait for more accuracy. Aim to walk 30 minutes, 5 to 7 days a week. Make your route a little tougher by walking a hill or two.  

Walk with your family, your dog, friend, or join a walking club. In honour of National Physiotherapy month, PhysioLink Porters Lake challenged RBC Porters Lake/ Musquodoboit Harbour employees to monitor the number of steps walked in a weekThe RBC team walked a total of 727,469 steps! Ashley Butt of RBC won a $100.00 donation to give to the charity of her choice from PhysioLink. Ashley walked a whopping 125,063 steps in 7 daysan average of 17,866 steps a day! Way to go Ashley! Improve your overall well-being by walking today. 

Pippa Wood is Physiotherapy Month Event Coordinator at Porters Lake PhysioLink  

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