Adventuring on the Eastern Shore

By Kyler McGregor 

Do you live on the Eastern Shore and ever crave an adventure with good company? Or just a nice get away from the stress of everyday life? Well you live in the right area then!  

My name is Kyler McGregor, I’m 19 years old, and I enjoy the outdoors and photography more than anything! There’s nothing better than going for a daily stroll in one of Eastern Shores amazing places with my four-legged friend.  

The Eastern Shore has a wide range of landscapes, from rugged Atlantic coastlines and towering valley look-offs to rushing rivers and waterfalls. It’s really an adventurer’s paradise. The hidden beauty this area of the province contains would blow your mind.  

You don’t even have to be a true outdoor lover to appreciate what it has to offer. There are many family-oriented walking, biking, and skiing trails. The beautiful sand beaches along our coast are a perfect way to get everyone out of the house and have some fun. 

My favourite places for hikes are the Musquodoboit Harbour Trailway and Crowbar Lake Trails in Porters Lake. Both are very different and diverse hikes that offer alternate difficulties and scenery.  I enjoy these trails because they are also very dog friendly, which is a big bonus in my books. But don’t get me wrong though:  there are many other beautiful trails and scenery to take in all along the Eastern Shore.  

Some of my other favourites are hiking the four-wheel trails at the end of the Myra Road (where you can also find nice waterfalls at certain times of the year). The Atlantic View trail that runs all through Lawrencetown offers you amazing views of the surrounding cliffs and the wide-open Atlantic Ocean 

Another hike I enjoy that is for sure not for beginners is the Admiral Lake Loop, which is located off the Musquodoboit Trailway. It’s a long strenuous hike with tons of look offs over the surrounding valleys, lakes, and waterways.   

Photography is something that drives me to get outside and enjoy my surroundings while Im hiking, or just taking in the views. It makes me focus in detail on what I’m taking pictures of and the beauty that it contains if you take a moment to appreciate it.  

I find a lot of interesting spots by simply using Google maps and mapping out where I want go. And I also use a website called trailpeak.com. You can narrow down what type of adventure your looking for and even what area your looking to explore in!  

In the end of the day, its all about the adventure, exploring new landscapes, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. I wouldn’t trade the place I live for anything in the world.  

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