DNR Approves Non-Motorized Trail on Shore

One of the longer-running land-use conflicts on the Eastern Shore has come to an end. The Department of Natural Resources has sent a letter to the Marine Riders ATV Club advising the club “DNR will be issuing a letter of authority (LOA) for the construction, operation, and management of a non-motorized trail to the Shore Active Transportation Association (SATA).” ATVs will not be allowed on this section of the trail, from Head of Chezzetcook to Musquodoboit Harbour. 

Councillor David Hendsbee released the DNR letter by posting it to the SATA Facebook page on March 29. Hendsbee disagreed with DNR: “Personally I would have preferred to have seen a multi-use shared trail here because it has been the ATV and snowmobile users that have kept this corridor open and useable since the tracks were lifted. I think a collaborative /cooperative approach should have been perused. Happy trails for some, not all.”

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