Final Community Development Plan

By Richard Bell

The final version of the Musquodoboit Harbour Community Development Plan is now available on the website of the Musquodoboit Harbour Chamber of Commerce & Civic Affairs (http://www.mhacc.ca/community-development-plan/.) The Chamber hired the urban design firm Ekistics Plan+Design to prepare this latest iteration of the community visioning process that began back in 2006.  

The Chamber’s 82-pageplan includes a summary of input from a series of public consultations, including a large community workshop, a stakeholder meeting, post cards, an online survey, and a community open house. In addition, an ad hoc steering committee of Chamber members and community representatives reviewed and commented on drafts of the plan.  

The study area covered by the plan extends along Highway 7 from its intersection with the 107 on the west to the Musquodoboit Harbour Bridge in the east and partially includes route 357 from the ball fields to the intersection of Highway 7. For many of the proposed changes, there are extensive photos of the implementation of similar projects in locations around the world.  
The recommendations are divided into three groups, phase 1 (started within the next 5 years), phase 2 (next 10 years), and phase 3 (next 20 years). Phase 1 projects include moving ahead with plans for water and sewer services, dealing with sewage pollution issues in Petpeswick Inlet, making significant improvements along Marine Drive, especially sidewalks, and realigning East Petpeswick Road to connect with a village round-about.  

The Chamber is now seeking volunteers for a set of committees whose members will work on implementing the plan’s many recommendations. The committees include: Membership, Fundraising, Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Recreation & Culture. The Chamber will be hosting a committee information session in late May or early June to introduce the committee structure and plans for initial meetings. For more information on joining a committee, you can email the Chamber atmhchamberandcivic@gmail.com. 

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