The Big Lift Succeeds on East Petpeswick


The new roof in place on Friday afternoon

The Big Lift--the roof removal and replacement operation on Friday at 29 East Petpeswick using a single crane--was an epic undertaking. There were any number of things that could have gone wrong in this ambitious 30x60 foot project. But thanks to the careful advance work by the building's owners Michael and Yvonne McKinnon, their great crew, and a master artist of a crane operator, the day was surprisingly uneventful, albeit a bit longer than predicted.




The morning after, with the 3 sections of the old roof on the ground. 

The following five videos will take you through the process, which stretched across the morning into the late afternoon. Getting off the first section proved to be a bit difficult, but the second and third sections were easier. There was a small glitch when the crane did not have enough counterweights, contrary to the previous estimate, to lift the new sections. But after an hour or so delay, additional weights arrived from the company’s yard and Dartmouth, and the operator soon had the two parts of the new roof in place. 

Removal of the first section:


Removal of the second section: 


Removal of the third section: 


Lifting of the first half of the new roof:


ifting of the second half of the new roof: 




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