Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Paula Milsom

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  • commented on Response from the Community Campus Vision Association by Jean McKenna 2015-12-10 20:10:29 -0400
    You seem to forget or are not aware of the fact that Musquodoboit Harbour has been named the District Centre for the Eastern Shore. As a taxpayer, I want the best use of my money and by that I mean doing a comparison study between putting sewer and water in MH and revitalizing what is already here as opposed to building a campus which would require a new on/off ramp at Exit 20. The Exit ramp according to figures I have seen, will be much more expensive than putting sewer and water in MH. We are sitting on an aquifer of millions of gallons of water which is not available at the site you are considering. Due diligence is what I want, not a dictatorship. As far as your reference to Mr. Bell being a summer resident, who cares. He pays taxes here and works hard in the Community when he is here. It is his intention to be a permanent resident next year. That comment is small minded