Monday, April 15, 2024

Sandy Fiander

  • commented on Aquaculture to Nova Scotia Like Oil to Alberta 2020-02-04 17:59:41 -0400
    Did the writer of this article think to ask for any details from the Ministers regarding the wonderful claims he’s making? What a beautiful puff piece for Colwell. Will the follow up article have Keith Coldwell applauding coal fired power plants as the next big thing since they use computers and “Science” too? What’s funny (not funny) is that the minister and his power hungry pals actually believe people are stupid enough to go for this? To the “journalist” pushing this propaganda, there is no substance here. Just a bunch of gobbledygook and buzzwords that would make greasy used car salesman shudder. At least try to come off as being objective rather than posting up such an obvious love letter to the minister. Maybe try your hand at something you’re good at.

    nice photo of the fish farms at the top. the pretty leaves really takes your mind off of all the vile pollution flowing out of the net pens destroying the life in the surrounding waters.