Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Stephen Parsons

  • commented on Anthony Edmonds 2019-10-02 10:21:41 -0300
    Although I do align well with the vision of the Green Party, I wasn’t sure I would vote for Anthony until I met him and spent a couple of days getting to know him and his approach. Although somewhat younger than the rest of the candidates, he is incredibly politically astute – wise beyond his years when it comes to the art and science of politics. He is also a proud Shore guy who wants to see this district succeed and sustain. In a district (and province) that is so stuck in partisan politics, it is unlikely we will see a lot of green seats this time around, but an increased vote count for Green will make every successful candidate aware that the debate is coming and the issues are real (in case they missed the climate change protests that are sweeping the country and the world). Good luck, Anthony Edmonds. Thanks for the great article, Richard!