Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Rcb Bell

  • published Pastor Regrets Hosting Hate Group in All Stories 2023-08-12 14:07:41 -0300

    Pastor Regrets Hosting Hate Group

    By Richard Bell

    Pastor Scott Anderson of the Marine Drive Pentecostal Church in Head of Jeddore does not mince words about his failure to check out the positions of the white Christian nationalist hate group, Action4Canada, who appeared at his church on the evening of August 2, 2023.      

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  • published Sealight Skylight Festival 2023 in All Stories 2023-08-11 20:28:43 -0300

    Sealight Skylight Festival 2023

    Join us at the Deanery Saturday, August 12 from 1:00-11:00pm to celebrate and (weather permitting) observe the Perseid meteor showers and ocean bioluminescence! There will be live music, science & art activities, eco-art workshops, performances, and astronomy and ocean themed presentations for all ages!

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    Don't miss tonight's live online coverage of the Preston By-Election, with a special panel of three former Preston MLAs: Wayne Adams, Vyonne Atwell, and David Hendsbee. Cooperator editor Richard Bell will be moderating, starting at 8pm tonight, Tuesday August 8, 2023.

    We will be taking questions at the two online locations in the poster, or you can send your questions to [email protected].



  • published Anthony Edmonds--Green Party 2023 in All Stories 2023-08-07 15:30:25 -0300

    Anthony Edmonds--Green Party 2023

    Edmonds did not become a candidate until after the August issue of the Cooperator had gone to the printers. We regret that we were unable to arrange for an interview. However, Edmonds did run as a Green Party candidate in 2019, so we are lnking to that 2019 profile. The principles of the Green Party have not changed since 2019.

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  • published Preston By-Election Overview in All Stories 2023-08-07 15:06:21 -0300

    Preston By-Election Overview

    Ahead of the August 8 Provincial by-election in Preston, the Cooperator interviewed registered candidates from the three major parties. Find profiles of these candidates linked below, and stay on this page to read an overview of the election and voting information. (Two candidates, Bobby Taylor of United Nova Scotians, and Anthony Edmonds of the Green Party, were not yet official candidates when this story was written.)

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  • Video Recording of Preston MLA Candidates Forum

    On Tuesday, July 18, the East Preston Ratepayers Community Development Association sponsored a standing-room-only candidate forum at the East Preston Community Centre. The Association’s Christina Parker moderated the forum.

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  • published Elizabeths Closet in All Stories 2023-07-10 13:41:43 -0300

    Elizabeths Closet

    Elizabeth’s Closet in Head of Jeddore at 9042 Highway 7 is headed into the third year that owner Elizabeth Bozman has offered a selection of bargain-basement priced clothes, books, shoes, and home furnishings. Bozman has benefitted from buying top-quality brand-name merchandise as traditional retailers like B. Altman’s and Bloomingdale’s have closed. She also offers unique baskets of linens and housewares for special occasions. Call 902-829-3469 for hours

  • published Fioana Lions Bingo in All Stories 2023-07-08 15:52:28 -0300

    Fioana Lions Bingo

    On Friday May 12 the Lake Echo and Area Lions Club will be holding a Fiona Relief Bingo for Glace Bay and surrounding area (Dominion, Donkin, Reserve and Port Morien). We are working with the Glace Bay Lions Club which serves the above-mentioned area to help those still affected by the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona last fall. These communities have suffered devastation to homes and other buildings that is beyond that suffered by other communities across Nova Scotia. 

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  • published On Patience and Time in All Stories 2023-07-08 15:49:02 -0300

    On Patience and Time

    By John English 

                             “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” 

                                              Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace. 

    Taking on the reading of War and Peace is a project. This nineteenth century Russian novel runs over 1000 pages. (Full disclosure – I haven’t read it, but it’s definitely on my list.)   

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  • published Clams Stir up Three Fathom Harbour Residents in All Stories 2023-06-21 13:33:51 -0300

    Clams Stir up Three Fathom Harbour Residents

    By Richard Bell 

    Residents along the Causeway in Three Fathom Harbour are raising questions about their recent discovery that the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture has issued a “special experimental licence” for a clam project literally in their backyards. 

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  • published Getting Ready for Lobster Season in All Stories 2023-04-28 21:24:11 -0300

    Getting Ready for Lobster Season

    Walking Timmy Jenning's lobster boat downhill through the trees to the launch ramp on East Petpeswick Road.

  • published Opus Cafe in Kinney Place in All Stories 2023-04-28 20:54:45 -0300

    Opus Cafe in Kinney Place

    Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard (right in photo) paid a visit with Lisa-Marie Wilson to the Opus Café located in Kinney Place (the former Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children, completely renovated as a business and community hub.) The all-day breakfasts are delicious, along with first-rate meals and other tasty choices. Friendly staff make this a go-to-place for breakfast or lunch.

    The Cafe is located in Westphal on the south side of Highway 7 on a small hill behind the Henry G. Bauld Centre and  across the road from the Black Cultural Centre. There is a large community garden in front of the building. Phone 902-818-2940 for hours.  


  • published Benefit Auction at Porters Lake Pub in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:54:21 -0300

    Benefit Auction at Porters Lake Pub

    Porters Lake Pub was full for a late March benefit auction for West Chezzetcook fisherman Perry Crowell. 

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  • published May Walk for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:22:42 -0300

    May Walk for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

    On May 28, Mike Coady and his family will be leading a 33 km walk in Sheet Harbour to raise funds for research on curing Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

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  • published Martinique Desserterie Sells Out! in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:18:10 -0300

    Martinique Desserterie Sells Out!

    Martinique Desserterie got off to a roaring start on its opening day on April 8. At times there was a half-hour line outside, and the shelves were empty by 1:30 pm. And they’ve sold out every day they been open since.  

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  • published Wanna Know What Bugs Me This Month? in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:12:47 -0300

    Wanna Know What Bugs Me This Month?

    By Jeddore John 

    Wanna know what bugs me this month?….KardiaMobile. If you watch TV, you have probably seen ads for this little device that will show you your heartbeat on your cell phone.

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  • published Hoarding: When You Can’t Just Let Go in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:10:42 -0300

    Hoarding: When You Can’t Just Let Go

    By Kelly Corkery  

    I approach this topic with extreme sensitivity and caution, there is a lot of misinformation and lack of understanding regarding hoarding. Reality shows, such as A&E’s Hoarders, don’t necessarily represent the healthiest methods for handling a complex mental disorder.  

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  • published On Relationship in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:08:31 -0300

    On Relationship

    By John English 

    I have been thinking a lot lately about relationships and how they reveal who we are. Having dipped a toe into the writings of Carl Jung (1875-1961), a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst considered to be one of the most influential thinkers and writers on human psychology, I feel that I have a clearer view into how, in my many different kinds of relationships, I strive to express the completeness of my individual self. 

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  • published TGIF Club in All Stories 2023-04-28 19:04:29 -0300

    TGIF Club

    Transportation, Gardening, Information, and Food  


    Since the Old School Community Gathering Place opened in 2011, we have developed more and more programs to improve the lives of everyone living on the Eastern Shore. Our current programs include the Wellbeing HUBS, Youth Employment Skills, Eastern Shore Mental Health, affordable housing, the food pantry, Enhance through Dance, Pride, Tai Chi, and Fibre Friends. We have also learned how participating in these programs provides people with a place to access skills, knowledge, and community resources.

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  • published Keeping History Afloat in All Stories 2023-04-28 18:59:44 -0300

    Keeping History Afloat

    By Cynthia Parr 

    There are many ways to remember and preserve bits of history: through the usual reading and writing or visiting museums, but also through conversation and the crafting of traditional objects. If you drive down the West Jeddore Road, you may notice a garage with around 40 painted buoys hung above the doors. Quentin Brown, a skilled woodworker and local historian, has created these buoys over the last 10 or 15 years. 

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