Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Rob Bright

  • commented on Premier Candidates Should Save Owls Head Provincial Park 2021-01-20 18:44:07 -0400
    Thank you for calling the plan to delist and then sell off a designated Provincial Park on crown land to a billionaire what it is: a crime. The Provincial Government, under Premier McNeil, and Iain Rankin, then Minister of Lands and Forestry, acted criminally to benefit an American billionaire and his plan to turn a rare and ecologically valuable piece of protected land into a privatized playground for the wealthy. Unlike the rest of us, when these criminals break the law absolutely nothing is done to hold them accountable. They can’t even be shamed by their own constituents into apologizing and doing the right thing — instead they double down, scrub websites of pertinent information that incriminates them, and lie about their knowledge of the secret, backroom deal. It is outrageous they have been allowed to get away with as much as they have.